Driving Safety through Sensory Technology

Mobile Technology Solutions (MTS) creates, builds, and brings to market advanced automotive
safety systems and driverless car technology.

Introducing 360-ID

The 360-ID system is a radar-based pre-impact awareness system for cars & trucks. The ID stands for "Imminent-Impact Detection."

8 Radar Modules

360-ID surrounds the car in a 360-degree blanket of protection. No matter the direction from which a potential impact comes, 360-ID catches it and alerts the driving system.

Super-Sensitive Vehicle Coverage

Since the system is radar-based, it can detect anything from a single pedestrian in your blind spot, to a highway barrier at 60mph.

360-ID Applications

Used in a driverless car, 360-ID helps the car stay straight & safe on the road. Used in standard cars, 360-ID provides real-time data to avoid even the smallest collision.

Veteran Engineers Tackling Driver Safety

MTS came about from a partnership between two engineering firms, BGM Engineering in Michigan and RF Engineering in California. Through this partnership, the MTS team plans to invent a bulletproof technology for keeping drivers safe.

MTS Helps You Improve Your Driving Safety Ratings

The 360-ID system is developed through engineering concept phase. MTS is currently seeking a funding partner, for collecting more test data & executing our next development stage. Please contact us to find out how you can incorporate 360-ID in your transportation projects.

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